Pet-friendly Policy

Dear Valued Guest,

At Harolds Evotel, we value the comfort and convenience of all our guests and their furry companions. We're delighted to welcome you and your pets to experience a wonderful stay with us. Please be informed of our updated pet-friendly policy:

  1. We welcome dogs and cats as pets in our establishment. Unfortunately, no other animals are permitted within the property.
  2. Each room can accommodate a maximum of two pets. Your pets should not exceed a maximum height of 60 centimeters (2 ft.), and cats must be domestic or house cats.
  3. Your pets are allowed only in the rooms for which they are registered.
  4. To ensure your pet's well-being, kindly provide the following items during your stay:
    • Vaccination records
    • Pet's food and vitamins
    • Food and water bowls for your pet
    • Leash for walks
    • Stroller or carrier (if applicable)
    • Pet's favorite toys
    • Disposable bags for waste
    • Pee pads
    • Diapers (if needed)
  5. If you have a cat, please bring your own litter box.
  6. Please keep your pets leashed when outside your room and accompany them in public areas at all times.
  7. Ensure that your pet's vaccinations, especially anti-rabies, are up to date. Present your pet's vaccination certificate at the Front Desk during check-in.
  8. For the safety of all guests and pets, your pet should not have been sick within the last seventy-two (72) hours. In some cases, a medical clearance from a certified veterinarian may be required during check-in.
  9. Your pets should be clean, well-groomed, and free of fleas and ticks. It's essential for pets to wear diapers in public areas of the hotel.
  10. Please use only the specified entry and exit points in the main lobby, as indicated by the Hotel Management.
  11. To ensure a pleasant experience for all guests, refrain from bringing your pet into common and recreational areas such as restaurants (unless there is an alfresco area), function rooms, swimming pool, gym, and back-of-the-house areas. Hotel service dogs are an exception and can be accompanied by our security personnel.
  12. Never leave your pets unattended. Any cats or dogs left alone for over forty-eight (48) hours will be considered abandoned and reported to the authorities. The registered guest will be responsible for any costs, losses, or damages resulting from such actions.
  13. Please provide all necessary equipment for your pet's care and feeding. Do not use hotel property, including the bathtub, towels, and linens, for your pets. Using hotel linen for pets will incur additional charges, with stained linen being charged twice the regular laundry rate and permanently stained linens Incurring a replacement fee.
  14. As a responsible pet owner, promptly address any complaints from fellow guests about noise or other disturbances caused by your pets. In the event that your pet becomes overly disruptive or aggressive toward other guests or employees, it must be removed from the property. If deemed dangerous by Hotel Management, your pet must be immediately removed from the property.
  15. During housekeeping service, kindly remove your pets from the room. You may contact the Housekeeping Department to schedule a convenient time for servicing your room. If you prefer no housekeeping service, you may activate the privacy sign on your door.
  16. Upon check-in, a security deposit of Five Thousand Pesos (Php5,000.00) per room is required. This deposit will cover any damages incurred during your stay, such as stained bedding, carpet, linen, furniture, floor, infestations, extra cleaning, and lost revenue due to room downtime. The room/s will be inspected upon check-out, and the security deposit will be returned if no damage is found.
  17. A non-refundable disinfection cleaning fee corresponding to the room category will be charged upon check-in, in addition to a pet fee of Three Hundred Pesos (Php300.00) per pet, per night. The rates per night (per pet) are as follows:
    • Deluxe Room: Php 1,000.00
    • Executive Suite: Php 2,000.00
  18. Any damage caused by your pet(s) will be charged to the registered guest, and payment is due upon the presentation of an invoice.
  19. Harolds Evotel and its employees will not be liable for any loss, injuries, or illness of your pet for any reason whatsoever.
  20. Guests are expected to strictly comply with the Pet Policy Agreement and any additional rules and regulations issued by Hotel Management. We reserve the right to request room changes, removal of pets from the property, or refuse or discontinue service without a refund if, in our sole discretion, the pet is considered dangerous, unhealthy, disruptive to other guests, has damaged hotel property, or if you fail to abide by these policies.
  21. By bringing your pet, you accept full responsibility for any liability, claims, losses, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, related to personal injury or property damage caused by your pet(s). You agree to reimburse the hotel for such damages upon request.
  22. You also agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Harolds Evotel, its owners, and employees from any liability, claims, losses, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, arising from any claims related to personal injury or property damage caused by your pet(s).
  23. We look forward to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both you and your pets. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.


Harolds Evotel Management